Want to taste delicious rice direct from the farmer?
Now, you have the chance to be an owner of Japanese rice paddy!

Terraces Paddy Owner System is a distinctive system which cultivating delicious Japanese rice.
It’s really easy. Farmers will grow your rice and simplify everything for you.
You can visit your own rice paddy, check the growth of your crop, and communicate with your farmer anytime. Of course, you are welcome to experience rice-planting and the harvest process.

Monthly report will be made by farmers to keep you posted on how well your crops do.
Tasting the rice in the field right after harvesting, you can also have it delivered to your home, and even to your friends’ places. Sharing your own harvest with friends and family is always the best.

Here are some paddies calling for its owners.
1. Bamboo Area, Toho Village, Fukuoka Prefecture ( Located deep in the mountains)
2. Tashiro Area, Matsuura City, Nagasaki Prefecture ( Surrounded by sea and mountains with great scenery)

Becoming a Paddy Owner, you can participate locally events not only in rice cultivating, but also in fishing, cooking, making pottery, and so much more. It’s a wonderful opportunity to experience traditional Japanese culture and activities.
In Matsuura City, many guesthouses have been renovated lately. Paddy Owners are welcome to spend few days there and make friends with your farmers through cooking and tasting cuisines together.

Moreover, there are many local tours including hot spring, village of pottery, natural trails, making your journey pleasant and special. Of course, you can also simply visit and interacting with the local community.

It’s our honor as Green Culture Link to bring you Japanese beautiful mountain villages through Paddy Owner System and become your bridge to these fantastic communities.

  • 東峰村
  • まつうら地引網漁
  • まつうら 押し寿司作り

From Green Culture Link

Japanese food and culture are gaining global momentum these days. Healthy, safe and tasty food, Contest winning Sake & whiskey, Coral sea & snowy mountain, Culture based on four seasons! The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan is increasing rapidly. More and more people are heading to regional area outside of big sites line Tokyo and Osaka, looking for an new experience.
Regional areas where a lot of appealing culture exist, are unfortunately not doing so well in terms of its economy. Exhaustion of regional economy and the decline in agricultural industries, are the phenomenon widely seen in non-urban areas if Japan, and are becoming a big issue.

We have established Green Culture Link Corporation, in hope to bring the win-win relationship for the tourist visiting the regional and the regional economy welcoming the tourists. We would like to be a mediator to introduce appealing culture in the regional areas to the foreign tourist looking for a new experience. We will invite you to the real experience of Food and Culture which the region had fostered for hundreds of years. Through agricultural experience and cultural interaction with local people, you will start to feel you are linked to the beautiful nature and culture of the region. Your experience will also help the region to reactivate and bring back the prosperity.

What kind of cultural experience? Well, let’s start with “Rice”!!
You can be an owner of the specific rice field. You can visit the rice field, experience the rice planting, feel the ownership of growing your rice by yourselves, receive periodical status report while the local professionals will take care of your rice field. Your harvested rice will be inspected, packed nicely and shipped out to your home. Once you sign up, you will start receiving the report from the local rice farmers. This is when your cultural link begins. The reports cover both farm work contents and the rice growing status with pictures. This culture link will continue throughout the vegetation period. Feeling you are already linked before visiting. I hope your vacation in the region will be something different from others. Enjoy a deeper experience and involvement with the local culture.

While visiting the region, we can introduce or/and arrange both hotel stay and home stay (vintage local houses). It would be a memorable experience to cook local food together with the local farmers and join their dinner. We can also arrange day-trip to local tourist spots even to local events such as the harvest festival and the firefly night. The region keeping the terrace rice field is blessed with nature, having a lot of tradition and culture in both tangible and intangible form. We would like to help you to spend a fulfilling time while you visit the region as an owner of the rice field.

Green Culture Link Corporation is a company that links the tourist, the farmers and the regions together. We would like to bring smiles and satisfactions to both who experience and who provide experiences.

  • Toshiyuki Nitta
    Green Culture Link Corporation
  • 新田 敏之さん